January 2, 2010

What a headache

It started before the end of 2009. A headache, that is, which is one of the worst I've had in years. And I've had many.

I'd hoped to usher it out before ushering in the new year & new decade. Didn't happen.

The headache is trying to tell me something. All headaches do. They come and go but all bring with them a message.

Sometimes we heed them. We change our sleeping or eating habits, adjust or posture, release our stress in healthier ways. Anything to get rid of the pain & not suffer a reoccurence.

It is day 5 of this migraine. It is speaking volumes to me. I've got to make lifestyle changes immediately. Some are occuring already because of the pain.
--more rest
--less time online
--dietary changes
--increased prayer
--more time reading the Bible
--less time worrying
-- more listening
--less talking

Do you get headaches? What do you suppose they are saying to you? What do you intend to do about it?

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