February 13, 2010

Critical Care Giveaway

We've just posted our review of Candace Calvert's book Critical Care. Along with the review we are offering a signed copy to one of our readers.

Please stop in over at Perusing The Printed Pages for more information and to enter the contest, which ends on February 21rst.

If you already have a copy come by and win one to give to a friend!

February 11, 2010

Love & War

John and Stasi Elderedge's new book Love & War has been released just in time for Valentine's Day. You'll find more information on the book along with my review on Perusing the Printed Pages our review blog.


February 2, 2010

Slip sliding away

After hibernating for several dreary snow filled days I awoke to the invitation of the sun bidding me to come outside and capture a glimpse of the winter wonderland that a recent winter storm had left behind.

I quickly obliged, new camera in hand, of course. Rushing out the front door my husband stopped me before I'd descended from the porch. "Be careful, it's solid ice" he said, as I was looking out at the blanket of white snow and my anticipation for taking pictures began to heightened.

"I'll walk through the snow" I replied thinking he was talking about the driveway. "No, you need to come here to me and I'll take you down to the street. Go slow." Honestly I did not want to heed his call as I preferred walking through snow to sliding downhill. Afterall, the camera is new, what good is a broken lens?
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