September 18, 2012

The Deliverer-Review & Giveaway

As someone who is an avid reader of Kathi Macias' work, I've come to expect the unexpected from her books. That is one of the things that sets her apart as a Christian fiction writer. You can never be sure where her well weaved stories will take you. But you can be certain that before the tale is over, you will be challenged or changed in some way. And in no small measure.

This has been especially true of The Freedom Series which includes Deliver Me From Evil, Special Delivery, and The Deliverer.

The series exposes the atrocities of human trafficking which is a problem that has reached epidemic proportions in our own country as well as around the world. I'm embarrassed to admit that I prior to reading this series I thought of human slavery as more of a "third world" problem. How wrong I was. It is a growing problem America. (more information is available here)

September 17, 2012

The Deliverer: Interview With Kathi

Award-winning author Kathi Macias has recently penned and published The Deliverer which is the final book in the Freedom Series. I have personally found the entire series to be riveting and quite possibly some of the most life-changing fiction that I have ever read.

In short, I am a fan of Kathi's work. Not only is she a great writer. She is also an advocate and an educator.

Today, I have the honor of interviewing Kathi to learn more about the Freedom Series along with other projects and ministry activities which she is currently involved in. Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my review and also giving away a copy of the book. I hope that you'll come back and enter to win. You don't want to miss any of the books in this series.

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