May 16, 2010


Flashbacks, we all have them. Some are more pleasant than others. I’ve experienced enough in the past week to comprise a full length movie. However it wouldn’t be very entertaining.

My sleep has been plagued by unwelcome reminiscing of the last days spent with my Dad. My dreams have been disturbing when I’ve been able to sleep. All in all it’s safe to say that losing people is traumatic no matter what the scenario.

Sometimes I find blogging to be an outlet. This is one of those times. I could share with you about my Dad’s fall. Or recount the long days and nights spent on the trauma unit. I could talk about the last moments of his life. They are a part of a tape that sometimes chooses to replay itself in my mind.

But thankfully they’re only a part.

May 15, 2010

Death...technically speaking

As I write this post a death is occurring. Cradled in my lap, growing weaker and more dim with each passing moment, is my Sony Vaio notebook. Oh how attached we’ve become over the years. We’ve been through thick and thin together.

Don’t look at me that way. You know that our computers grow on us like appendages whether we care to admit it or not. Much like the brains inside our heads they retrieve, store, and catalog our thoughts. Some become mouthpieces by which we communicate facts and feelings.

We’ve done all that we can to revive her but, technically speaking, its quite obvious that her days are numbered. Kind of sad especially since some parts of her have aged so well. It’ll be hard to let her go even though her quality of life has been less than satisfactory for quite some time. But then again I’ve found that to be true of most who are dying.
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