October 31, 2014

Breathing On Her Own: A Review

The book:
Molly Tipton and her husband are looking forward to retirement, but Molly’s life suddenly spirals out of control when her oldest daughter is involved in a terrible accident. An icy road and a sharp turn leave one woman dead, another clinging to life.

While two families grieve, details emerge that reveal Molly’s daughter was driving under the influence. As she prepares her daughter for the prospect of a vehicular homicide lawsuit, Molly discovers her oldest child is not the only one injured and forced to deal with past mistakes. If it’s true that time heals all wounds, what are we to do with our scars?
The review:
To be honest, because this was the author's debut novel, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Would it be slow moving? Will the plot be believable? Will it keep my attention? 
I must say Breathing on Her Own far exceeded my expectations. And if I wasn't armed with the knowledge that this is Rebecca's first novel, I would never believe it. She has mastered the art of writing fiction very quickly.

The storyline is very realistic. People face these types of situations each and every day. I've faced some of them myself. There's a good chance that you have, too. And if not, you know someone who has.

It took a chapter or two to fully draw me in. After that, I was up late reading the rest of the book. It really grabbed my heart. It also touched wounded places in my spirit and rubbed a few scars. 
Although we read books for enjoyment and also to pass time some books do far more. This is one of those stories that has depth. It causes reflection and pondering. I'm a big fan of that.

Rebecca did a masterful job of weaving the tale. She developed the characters enough to bring them to life and shared enough detail to bring the reader in close without being wordy or boring.

One of the things that stood out to me were the private thoughts of Molly Tipton. Oh how I could relate to her struggles of faith and just life in general. I really liked how the author included them as a secondary narrative in the background.

Breathing on Her Own is one of my favorite fiction reads for this year so far. I highly recommend it for individuals who enjoy fiction and also to those looking for books to be discussed in club or group type settings.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing more from Rebecca Waters in the coming days.

The author:
Rebecca Waters draws on her role as a wife, mother, and grandmother as well as her vast experience as an educator and researcher for her writing.

Rebecca sees writing as both a gift and a ministry. Although she has published in professional journals in the field of education, Rebecca now turns her pen to the world of fiction.

She has published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Lookout Magazine, and Home Health Aide Digest. Breathing on Her Own is her debut novel.

You can connect with Rebecca in the following places:

October 14, 2014

Hidden Blessings: A Review

The book:
Diagnosis: breast cancer. Prognosis: terminal. Life: only beginning.

Her diamond caught the sun's rays and refracted glittered light about the room. She'd asked herself again and again: How could she be so blessed? Partner at a prestigious law firm, engaged to the man of her dreams . . . there was no doubt. God had smiled on Kendra Woods.

But the moment Kendra is diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, her world collapses. Within days, Derek backs out of the wedding and the firm suggests a leave of absence during her treatment. Of all the roles Kendra has played over the years—daughter, sister, friend, student, attorney, bride-to-be—cancer patient seems the most unwelcome in the world.

October 1, 2014

Interview with Amy Bovaird

I've recently had the great joy of meeting new writers, both published and unpublished, through the My 500 Words group which I joined in January of this year. While my expectation goal was to use the group as a tool to rebuild a daily writing habit it has offered so much more. I have found the interaction there truly enjoyable and gained several new friendships.

One friend, who I am getting to know better, with all of her spunk and good humor is author Amy Bovaird. We all have a story to tell and Amy's is extremely inspiring. Her memoir Mobility Matters is coming out in just a few days.

Amy is, in her own words, a vision-challenged globetrotter. She's been to places that I have only dreamed of and has much to share from her experiences. I love her writing voice and the way it reflects her zest for life.

You can currently you download the first chapter of Mobility Matters for free on her blog. I highly recommend that you subscribe while you're at it. She is a delightful storyteller who is fun loving and adventurous. Not to mention the fact that you'll find her very encouraging.
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