January 1, 2011

Come and dine

Several weeks ago God began to deal with me about taking a break from social networks. Other than the fact that it would include a period of no less than 21 days I received very little information regarding what might expected.

All this left me a bit unsettled. I am a person who likes to have a plan. I also enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with setting and reaching goals. I like to know what is expected of me. In short, I am a bit of a control freak. Because of this I sought God, in the days leading up to my targeted date, for more details.  Each time I came up empty. I found the silence to be unnerving. 

A few days ago it seemed only right to let my friends on Facebook and Twitter know that I would be taking time off. Several people had concerns and contacted me privately. A few questioned the validity of what they began calling this "fast." That actually proved to be helpful as it caused me to return to God for additional confirmation. He quickly provided it. I hoped that a plan would unfold but it didn't. All I could come up with was 21 days.

Last night I logged out of my social network accounts. I can't say that it felt good. It's hard to have a sense of anticipation when you don't know what to expect. At least that is how things work for me. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen. While I did operate in obedience, perhaps that did not include much faith.

Within a few hours I began to realize how frequently I use Facebook and Twitter as distractions for pain and insomnia. It only took a few more hours more to come to the conclusion that if God did not show up during these 21 days that this break would quickly turn into a "fast" that would be slow to pass and very painful. In the middle of the night I found myself praying some desperate prayers.

This morning I slept in. On a typical day I read from several devotional books and then move on to my inbox for more. Today I was unsure of where to begin. I picked up my copy of Jesus Calling to see where it might lead. I read it, re-read it and then took time to ponder it. Afterwards I discussed one sentence with my husband. Then I grabbed a journal. My plan was to write the statement down for future reference.

That's about the time that it happened. Call it manna from heaven or a feast fit for a queen. All I know is that four pages into the entry it dawned on me that it would probably be better if I typed things in my digital journal for the remaining 20 days. God had shown up in a big way and answered many of the questions that had plagued me in the days leading up to this break. What a difference a day and a single act of obedience can make.

What might have been a fast, without His Presence, had quickly become a feast. It was very hard for me to push away from the table and I can't wait to go back for more--and more--and more. The greatest part about this meal is that all that I have to do is show up. He has prepared a table before me, and only asks that I accept the invitation to come and dine with Him.

That is an offer that is simply to good to refuse. I have a feeling that God has an invitation with your name on it as well. It might not involve a 21 course meal but, whatever the case, I hope you will consider taking Him up on the invite.

Oh and let me be the first to say, just in case you are wondering, that the food is out of this world.


Encouragement for Today said...

Awesome post Rev!!! It is just wonderful when God does this kind of thing. I too have experienced that...no answers until you obey and then its just like something breaks forth in the spirit realm, and when it does it is indeed glorious. Mine hasnt involved taking a break from the net this time, but last year it did. when I obeyed that God began to unfold to me where he wanted to take me in the next 10 years - showing me more of what He had for me - in a BIG way! I wrote out a kind of vision statemment from this ( I call it 20/20 vision for my 2020 Vision (because by that year God's timetable for this thing to be manifest)!

Cant wait to hear from you when you get back and glean from your insight - but I must say there is nothing quite like receiving your own outpouring from God!

It is so true that small acts of obedience lead to LARGE deposits from God!! He is awesome!!

Much love to you,

Jules xoxox

Susie - Walking Butterfly said...

This is lovely and whets my appetite for being in God's presence. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Obedience is better than sacrifice. We've got to hear and respond because whether we think it is or not, it really is important! Thanks for listening and encouraging all of us to listen to. Blessings Melinda!

Melinda Lancaster said...

Thanks all for your comments. This is an interesting journey that I am on. In many ways I'm traveling the path of Psalm 23.
I hope to share more of the journey but for now I'm taking it all in.
God bless!

Brandi Myree said...

Wow Melinda, first of all this blog is great! 2nd, this particular post is so powerful. I recently found a print out that someone hand given me on self-discipline and one of the things that struck a deep cord in me was..."Sometimes,deny yourself just because..." This totally characterizes what you were speaking of. Besides needing to be completely obedient to our Father, we must sometimes simply deny ourselves the small (or big) pleasures that may seem like no big deal, for the simply fact that we are learning to master our flesh. Thank you for sharing!

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