April 16, 2012

Silent praise

"Silence is praise to you, Zion-dwelling God, and also obedience. You hear the prayer in it all." Psalm 65:1-2 The Message

I come from a "church background" where typically noise is denoted with praise. The louder we sing, the more we clap, the larger the crescendo of the instruments the more passionate our praise. And, might I add, the more measurably meaningful our worship.

At least, that is what I was taught.

But just because someone says it, doesn't mean it is so. Which is why when I recently stumbled on this verse during my daily Bible reading it provoked some thought. I've read plenty of verses that associate noise with worship.

Yet, to God, even SILENCE is praise.

I can't help but wonder if sometimes our silence before God is more sincere and heartfelt than all of the noise we make in an attempt to praise Him.

Sometimes it is the only response we can muster when we are truly in awe of Him.

Has there ever been a time when you've praised God with silence?


TruMe1969 said...

Sometimes I worship all 'bouncy like', much the way Tigger would, if he was real. Other times I need quiet, space and even tears to tell Him how much I love Him! Great post!

melindalancaster said...

I'm so glad God made us unique in every way, including our praise! Blessings, friend!

jasonS said...

I love the boisterous (and yes, loud) worship, but I also love those moments of silence where the earth stands still and there's nothing between you and your God. Both expressions are powerful for different reasons, but the thing they have in common is our heart and motivation. Thank you, Melinda.

GinaParris said...

I noticed that oddly, last Saturday's baseball games at Columbia state felt so perfect, that I could barely speak! I was so relaxed, so aware of the presence of God around me, and the hand of God on my son. It was worship on the diamond, even though usually I can't contain my enthusiasm. Your post made me realize that my in church worship and my out of church worship have remarkably similar moments!

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