April 2, 2014

God Is Not Fair: A Review

We all have them at one time or another. Whether they come, as unwelcome visitors, when trials or tragedy occur or as a result of watching someone else suffer---they are as common as "a cold."

In her latest book God Is Just Not Fair Jennifer Rothschild takes each of these questions apart and examines then in light of Scripture.

Who better to do so then someone who has asked them all herself.

Having lost her sight as a teenager, Jennifer has navigated the world blind for her entire adult life. And she does it with grace and dignity, I might add, not to mention while maintaining a sense of humor.

I've read all of her books because there is much to be gleaned from this woman's life.

This is by far the author's most candid work. It may very well be my favorite. I found myself laughing, crying, and praying as I read.

Jennifer's words provide incredible insight for those in the thralls of hardship. They also brings bountiful comfort and hope.

And who doesn't need hope?

There is not a person alive who in some way won't find themselves within the pages of this book.

It is not wrong to ask questions. In fact, it is right. How we process them and where we turn to for answers is what makes all of the difference. There are only two potentials when dealing with hardship: we get bitter, or we get better. Much of that depends upon the lens through which we choose to view life.

I'm so grateful that Jennifer Rothschild has chosen to view her hardship through the lens of faith.

Even in the darkest moments while suffering deep depression, due to chronic exhaustion and other physical changes, she continued to look to the right source for her answers. With more holes in her "blanket of faith" then she could possibly patch she allowed God to fill the missing pieces.

There is so much to be learned from her experiences as well as her teaching. I find myself re-reading portions of this book over and over again.

God is just not fair. Sometimes that can be a very hard pill to swallow. Which is why you need to read this book. It is medicine for the soul...a real heart cure!

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