November 9, 2009

Faith Worth Lugging Around

For several months, prior to our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband and I had been kicking around the idea of taking a trip out West. Perhaps it would be more accurate of me to say that my husband had been seriously considering it. I was merely going along with what sounded like a lovely fantasy dream.

As the days grew closer to our anniversary my husband continued to research possible places to travel to and got in touch with friends he wanted to see. I nodded my head to show some interest now and then but gave very little input. It all sounded wonderfully impossible to me.

Why would it seem impossible, you might ask? After all people take vacations all the time, right? Well most people do but I somehow fit into the "unique" category which means what most do rarely works for me. Severe physical limitations have made short trips a "rare treat" over the past decade and a half. Who in the world could ever HOPE to take a jaunt clear across the country? Not me.

One evening we were out making some returns as well as a few purchases. I only had two items on my list and since my hubby did not have a list it appeared the trip would be brief. Instead of wandering off  while he made the returns, as is my custom, I decided to stay with him.

When he finished he began pointing out, of all things, luggage. It just happened to be right there in the same department. (I'm still trying to make the connection between refunds and travel)

Reminding me that our luggage was nearly 25 years old and in need of a proper burial replacement he began looking over the prospects. Using every excuse I could muster up I worked hard to talk him out of making a purchase.

I secretly had no HOPE of making a trip of any kind but finally suggested that if we did go someplace we make due with what we had. He seemed satisfied with that so we finished our shopping.

We walked out to the car and he helped me get in as always. Then instead of walking around to the driver's side he stuck his head in my door and said "I'll be right back."

A few minutes later he returned grinning from ear-to-ear with a brand new set of luggage. I inwardly sighed but thought that it might come in handy some day.

The empty set of luggage sat in our living room untouched for several days. As I walked by them, still with tags on, the morning my husband planned on us leaving it suddenly dawned on me. Although the suitcases had no clothes in them they were full of FAITH.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

For many people, myself included at times, seeing is believing. Yet the Bible offers another way...

"We live by faith, not by sight." II Corinthians 5:7

My husband's HOPE lead him to have the faith to believe that God would protect & perfect all that concerned us on the planned trip. He felt that God's desire was for us to see some of His handiwork as well as spend quality time celebrating 25 years together.

His faith could be seen in many ways from scribbled notes to telephone conversations. But for me, most tangibly, I saw it in those suitcases. They were a luxury on our "retirement budget" but something he felt we could not afford to do without. Faith like that is impossible to imprison and too good to waste.

Quite honestly it left me with only one choice and that was...WHICH SUITCASE TO FILL FIRST!

People exhibit faith in many forms. My husband's faith became real to me in the form of a set of luggage complete with handles and wheels. It also caused me to give a great deal of consideration to what kind of faith I'm lugging around.

I want my faith to spring from a hope deep inside that God longs to take me places I've never been before, to see things I've never seen before, and accomplish dreams that appear to be impossible. A belief that despite all the obstacles in life God's got a great plan for me.

In short, I need a faith worth lugging around. How about you?


Anonymous said...

awesome blog! And then, you found out that you received many more blessings you would have missed out on had you not gone on the trip! You have also blessed me with the posts and pics of the places you saw, all its beauty! Places I will most likely never go to unless God's hand is in it along with the finances! Gives me an extra measure of hope and faith that if God wants me to go somewhere special, He will definitely work out all the details, including finances, and even travel buddies, to go and enjoy and keep me safe while doing it!

Sandra Heska King said...

Faith. Hope. Love. What a trip!

NJ Stevenson said...

Wonderful blog that is poetry to my soul!

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